From a very young age I had a strong calling to study the depths of many ancient cultures and their belief systems. As a young child, I became enthralled in ancient Egypt and its teachings, always feeling drawn to what felt like an ancient yet much more pristinely advanced civilisation. While growing through my childhood, I was learning deep into ancient Irish and Celtic cultures which progressed into Central and South American, and later Sumerian and Middle Eastern ancient civilisations and their philosophies. Something naturally connected me to this knowledge that I could never explain, something that I now realise to be a remembrance and alignment to this sacred information. By my early teenage years I was drawn to and deeply amidst the wonder of Alchemy and Occult knowledge along with its depth of layered wisdom, and so naturally here I found the alignment between all my interests. This knowledge I have been actively pursuing throughout my life, although hindered for some time particularly in my teenage years and early twenties due to the difficult path I found myself on. These studies have increased over the years, expanding into the ancient Vedic and Far East teachings, following the patterns in our historic vastness of knowledge, all in the search for humanity’s truth and origins of purpose. The depth of these studies have always felt comfortable and have aligned through deeper studies into my own natural analytic expression for philosophy, mathematics, psychology, geometry, sound and the sciences.

The ancient mystery schools have always played a strong implanted natural call for me due to their alignment in the key studies and topics that have called me since childhood. Through studying these more and more, I became submerged in what now feels like home. Symbolism, the truest form of language and communication, has re-awoken in me as my journey began to progress further. As the false layers have removed, slowly at first and then at a profound rate, it has given power to my intuition, my ability to listen to it and the guided path of true direction. Each interest naturally led to the next through alignment and as the knowledge required deeper understanding, I found that my overactive and analytical mind was the perfect gift in transforming this knowledge into wisdom, to be shared in a relative means to others.

Deep and cryptic thought process has always been a steady and almost over-consuming aspect in my life. This form of thinking was something that I always believed was normal for everybody and so it became a large part of my struggles from a lack of understanding of myself and the completely alienated feeling of trying to “fit in” with the world around me. A deep empathy; the feeling and absorption of energy fields, again often over-consuming my life, is another aspect that I did not understand in its multiple variations until much later in life. This often left me feeling so distraught by feelings and emotions, wreaking havoc in my life from the combined load and weight carried from both my own pain and that of others.

From my own journey and my own reconnection to source, I have embraced these aspects for the gifts that they truly are. My naturally deep and extremely analytical mind, combined with the truth in the feeling of energy, have allowed me to align the truth in people’s pain and dissect the workings, behaviours and patterns that reoccur in the human experience across all individual life experiences.

I have been navigating my own personal journey from a very early age, with part of that path leading me into some tough places, facing extreme challenges and tests. Through my own journey and healing, I have tapped into my true power aligned with the clarity of intuition and the reconnection to source, which has given me absolute clarity on my journey and direction. The realisation of the struggles faced were paramount to my understanding of the workings of my own mind and the minds of humans as a collective. This has helped shape my gift, to be able to share this wisdom in a simplistic and relative manner to guide others to their own path.

Having battled through the minefield of addiction, a depressive and miserable existence, I found my way out and have been pushing these learnings daily in my forward momentum. Applying the ancient teachings and methods to “Know Thyself”, deciphering the messages of the subconscious mind in all its truth, via its beautiful communicative symbolism and patterns have been the keys to navigating my path out of the darkness. Utilising the power of the word, crafted to simple understanding of the daily struggles via the workings of the mind-to-body reaction, I have navigated some of humanity’s greatest gifts, our mysteries, that of our true existence and immense connection to The Divine Source. My direction is to guide others back to their own true selves so that they too can walk their own path.